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    5 Bradt Hill Rd.
    Edinburg, NY 12134

    Phone: 518-863-4175
    Cell: 518-774-4780

    Brownell Construction Company

    Brownell Construction Company handles the homebuilding and general construction needs of clients in the Great Sacandaga Lake region of Upstate NY. We specialize in Post and Beam as well as conventional stud-framed homes, and have the talent and resources to take your dream home from blueprint to reality. Besides constructing fine quality homes, our company also builds all of the complements to your home, including garages, decks, docks, and stairs. And when it comes to remodeling, our crew can come in and transform your current area into a space that will beautify your home, increase it's value and add functionality to your lifestyle.

    Brownell Construction Company was founded by owner Keith Brownell. Keith literally has building in his blood, coming from a family line that has been designing and constructing area homes for over sixty years. Over the years, Brownell Construction Company has worked on a variety of projects for area homeowners. What all of these clients have in common is their agreement that Brownell Construction Company has the integrity and work ethic that you are looking for when you hire a contractor. We realize that you are hiring a professional, and we deliver on that expectation by making sure your job is completed within the specified budget and on time. Keith himself will work with you at every step and keep you apprised of your home's progress. When all is said and done, your project will be one that both you and Brownell Construction Company can be proud of.

    If you would like to receive pricing information or see a more complete portfolio of our work, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email. Feel free to take a few minutes to browse our site and take a look at a few of the projects that we've accomplished. We appreciate your time and attention, and look forward to working with you soon.